Spam Act

Multitude Pty Ltd (“Multitude”) takes a strict approach to spam communication and compliance with the Spam Act 2003. A commercial electronic message that is sent to a recipient without consent constitutes spam. A commercial electronic message is one that offers, advertises or promotes the supply of Multitude’s goods or services, or advertises or promotes another supplier of goods, services, land or a provider of business or investment opportunities. It does not include any message that we send to you in relation to an update on your order, a product recall or payment reminder which is purely factual in nature.

Multitude will not send you, as a new customer or one that already exists in our database, any commercial messages unless you consent to receiving these messages. We will obtain your consent to receiving commercial messages if you sign up to our newsletter, or tick the 'opt-in' box when you place an online order or a submit query on our website. You are always in control of whether you receive email communication from us, and can terminate this at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link found at the bottom of our emails or contacting us directly at assistance@multitude.com.au.

If you have received a commercial message from us after unsubscribing from our advertising services, please notify us immediately. Similarly, please contact us if you require further information regarding this policy or wish to make a complaint at assistance@multitude.com.au.

You will always know if a commercial message is from us as it will contain our business details and logo.